What's in a subframe for the #xv750 ?

Turns out mostly handlebars... today felt like the day to get to grips with a custom subframe, except it's Sunday, I've yet to find a steel stockist locally and all I had was the high bars off the XVs and some scraps...

Turns out, that was just enough. 

I know a bad workman blames his tools but I could do with a few more, a pillar drill, a tube bender, a notcher... all of these things would make the job so much easier.

But I'm happy with the end result and even some of my welds.

The setup only works for the KZ650 tank it'd need a few more bends for the original tank but overall a really workable solution. 

Seat back and cowel to come, just need to find a really small combined brake and indicator. Preferably round and about 60mm. Let me know if you've seen one. 🤞


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