Casting the tail on the #XV750 😞

Committed to putting the tail piece into rubber so I can cast off fiberglass copies... it was going so well until I realised I was a glass short of enough silicone to finish the pour.... Expensive mistake both in time and money. Shit happens although I'm a believer that proper planning helps avoid the shit, that said I'm too impatient to plan properly! So measure twice and cut once! I'll do that next time. 😉

Not much happening on the #xv750 front😞

Still waiting on the engine casings and after that it'll be powdercoat time so no news on the xv for the time being, I've refocused my efforts on the CB as the wheels have just returned from the builders and I'm now fitting tyres! I've got some welding to do on the CB frame and then that's off for powder! It's all coming together too slowly.. While all that's happening I'm killing time by remodelling the Ducati 749 and trying out colours on the CB concept 🙂

The #XV750 tail continues...

Massive effort for such a small piece of ass!  Still filling  and sanding trying to remove every trace of the 3d prints tell tail signs. It's still not there yet but once it's finished I'll cast the part in silicone and knock one out in fiberglass. Nice and tough! Hopefully🤞

Tail unit on the #xv750

Watching my boy play rugby/sanding parts back for the #xv750, other parents keep looking at me funny... turning a 3d print into something usable, #timeconsuming. Got home and landed a beautiful couple of topcoats and was so pleased with the flawless job that I just had to hold it up again... just one more time... it slipped off its mount and bounced three times off concrete 😣😣😣😣 When will I learn patience. Do something and then walk away, don't keep fiddling!!!!

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