Shaping up a seat unit for the #xv750

3d printed a tiny tail to take the tail lights and frame the highback of the seat. Tried hard to emulate the lines of the tank and pretty happy with the overall look and feel, the 3d print saves a lot of shaping time but still needs replicating in fiberglass... that's for another day! Spent a little time this evening finalising the subframe, little more welding in the morning and then it's pretty much there, could even start thinking about getting the seat upholstered. Engine casings are also stripped of the middle gear and off for blasting, hopefully tomorrow :)

Tomorrow's an exciting day!

A couple of significant bits are turning up... I can't strip both engines until my water cut tool arrives. It's a 35 tooth spanner and the chances of it working are less than slim, but it's exciting nonetheless!!!! There's also the backstop for the subframe and the tail piece prototype. Happy Friday!😊😊😊😊

Lots of things bubbling on #xv750 build

Having to build a custom tool to release the middle gear, drawn that up and getting it water cut. Once back I'll weld it together add a handle on and hopefully it'll be easy! Other than that, I've recited a few exciting parts from the guys at cognitomoto so I'll get wheel. Holding very soon 😊 And I've built and had 3d printed badges for the bikes. I'll make silicone mouldy so I can make duplicates. That keeps the cost down and the volume up! It's all progressing nicely.

What's in a subframe for the #xv750 ?

Turns out mostly handlebars... today felt like the day to get to grips with a custom subframe, except it's Sunday, I've yet to find a steel stockist locally and all I had was the high bars off the XVs and some scraps... Turns out, that was just enough. I know a bad workman blames his tools but I could do with a few more, a pillar drill, a tube bender, a notcher... all of these things would make the job so much easier. But I'm happy with the end result and even some of my welds. The setup only works for the KZ650 tank it'd need a few more bends for the original tank but overall a really workable solution. Seat back and cowel to come, just need to find a really small combined brake and indicat

#xv750rebuild... continues.

Two things I've learned and both you can bank on if you're planning an xv project; One cylinder will not come off! Both engines are pretty much stripped and ready for blasting, but it wasn't fun and there's still the middle drive gear to release.. anyone???? It's a nice motor but not when it's over 36 years old. Found all sorts historic fuckups including siezed bolts and stripped threads. Tomorrow should see the final bits broken down and I can start roughing out the seat frame.

Designing the seat on the #xv750 #caferacer

Cafe or bobber... can't decide I think it's going to end up a bobber racer! Set the bike up in its existing forks and a new rear shock. Lifted the rear to approximate the axle height of the new rim and dropped the forks through the triple clamp to get the nose down. Now it's sitting about where it will once finished (also taking into account some sag for rider and engine) Using welding rod to scope out the angles.m and feeling pretty positive and excited about the look in principle. Should get lots done this week with my family away I can hide away. 😁😁

Splitting the #xv750 crank case

It's all gone well, nothing scary happening inside. Should get it completely stripped and bearings pulled ready for vapour blasting next week. In fact I'm going to try and strip both. There's a bevel drive off the gearbox towards the drive shaft. Haven't worked that out yet but the hydraulic press makes starting the job easier. 😊


Stud pattern on the machining was fractionally out but I think I managed to salvage it. I'll amend the cad files for future production. The kit feels like it'll work well. Still waiting on the rear wheel parts to refit and road test but anything has to be better than the original remote master cylinder and swinging calipers... Looks much neater!

Tearing down the #xv750 engine...

It's been a challenge for all the wrong reasons! It's a relatively simple engine so far, although I haven't removed the cams and valves yet from the heads. Rust on the cylinder rods has made lifting the heads and cylinders off time consuming and frustrating. Something to note... when you pull the alternator basket it shoots small spring and tiny rollers everywhere! Not sure how you'd prevent this other than putting a bag over the face of the engine before pulling the part. I'll update on the rebuild. Breadcrumb trail of photos is always a godsend, you can never take too many! 😉

The start of the first #xv750 project

Ok, I've not ridden one, seen one ridden or have any idea of what lies ahead... The only thing I know is; I love the look of the engine, the weirdness of the hidden shock, the way it routes the air for the carbs through the frame and most importantly... some of my all time favourite builds have been based on this bike. The first bit of any build is obvious, surprising satisfying and rapid. The tear down had already started on these bikes by the previous owner so... I've lost my breadcrumb trail! Engine's out and on a quickly improvised frame. I've never bothered with this in the past. Already feels like a good decision. 😊 #xv #xv750 #yamaha #yamahaxv750 #xv920 #caferacer #caferacerproject #

A great tank for the #cb750

Just tried the kz650 tank on the ongoing cb750 project and I think I like it... a lot! The original tank sits a little too low against the triple tree and if you raise it you expose the frame. Dropping the headstock is too involved for me. This tank lifts the line of the tank up to the top of the triple.😁 The only problem is I want this tank on the xv, so I'll have to find another... in the UK that's not gonna be easy. 😒

Who to paint your #caferacer

I love spray painting, I did quite a bit as a model maker but you need a decent setup and a compressor with some huff! So today, I've got the day set aside to run some errands... First one... drop the BMW tank off with a new painter. #BMW #r100

Change the entire look of your #caféracer with just one part!

My seat on the CX always bothered me, I'd pulled off simple but landed unfinished... The introduction of the tail changed that for me. It completes the bike and gives it a complete new look. Can't wait to get it finished up and add paint!! TAIL TIPS: Consider the lines of the bike... Mimic the curves used in other parts of the bike, most importantly the tank. Consider how your paint work will flow between the tank and seat. When finishing use colour to unite and avoid feeling like a patchwork quilt. 😊 #caferacer #caferacers #cx500 #honda #design #hondacx500 #builtnotbought

The site goes live...ish

It's been two years since, I decided to change gear a little, I tenntively stuck my toe in the water and created ZIGGYMOTO with some concept and hobby stuff, two years on and I'm loving it still. The most exciting thing this week...EVER! I've picked up a couple of beaten up XV750's #AudienceEngagement #Blog

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